Bishop Steve Fender has been preaching the gospel most of his life. His ministry began at age 16. Steve attended Gateway College in St. Louis, Missouri. While attending college, he became known as a fiery faith preacher which placed him in great demand in his denomination at a very early age. 

The first twelve years of his ministry were spent in revival crusades throughout America. Steve married Becky Varnado in January of 1971. Becky has become renowned for her gospel music, both singing and writing, some of her most requested songs are “I Give You Jesus” and “Whose Report Shall You Believe?” Steve and Becky have two sons, Sean and Brandon.

Steve felt the call of God to found the Livingway Christian Church in 1975, in San Antonio, Texas. Livingway has become a church widely known for its intense grass roots evangelism and exciting praise. The emphasis of Steve’s strong Word ministry has produced a constant atmosphere of miracles. The result is a growing congregation of thousands. 

The last number of years, the heart of Steve’s ministry has been Livingway Church. He has, however, continued to minister in conventions and through national media. His San Antonio television and radio ministry, as well as national exposure, has been well received.

In 2011, Steve became the Bishop of Livingway and he continues to lead the church to higher places in God!  His spiritual philosophy is simple; the church has a date with destiny. That destiny is that the church, by the power of the Holy Spirit, will experience the greatest awakening the world has ever known. This great revival will usher in the coming of our King and Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ!

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