As the details unfold to yet another heartbreaking tragedy in America, I feel the hand of fear try to wrap itself around my heart and mind. I think about how just a little over 30 minutes away my brothers and sisters in Christ gathered to worship our Lord and Savior on Sunday morning, just as I did and do every week only to be gunned down by an evil man. I found myself asking God why…how… Heaviness sat upon my spirit like the executioner of peace that it is and then doubt and worry took over.


Peace was far from me until I saw the faith of those closest to the pain.


The Pastors and people of Sutherland Springs showed me what it truly means to be a Christian. In the midst of unspeakable loss, they pointed to Christ, to His love, His forgiveness, His mercy, and His peace.


Again, I found myself astonished, but this time, it was because of their trust in God.


I can’t even begin to imagine the heaviness they must feel, yet, through it all, Jesus is the center of their lives and through Him they will carry on through this valley of unspeakable loss.


We must do the same. We must not let fear overtake us or stop us. The devil would love for us to be afraid of going to church, to doubt the safety of the House of God, to stay hidden within our homes, but how can we do that when we are called to be the light?


My dear brothers and sister in Christ, keep praying! Regardless of what anyone in the world says, PRAYER IS POWERFUL. What the world does not understand and cannot comprehend is that those who lost their lives are now standing in eternity with Almighty God and He is faithful. We were never promised a perfect life, we were never promised easy, we were never promised a problem-free world. We were promised strength in the hard times, we were promised eternal life.


After it is all said and done, we will have the final victory, and though hardships come, we know the One who will help us through to the end. Don’t give up. Not now. Not ever. Keep your mind on Christ and let Him give you perfect peace.


Remember this, darkness cannot dwell in the light, for the light drowns the darkness out.


May you and I always be the light like the people of Sutherland Springs, TX.



Mandy Fender

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